This "ideal" family once lived in dollhouses across America. Originally models of conformity, they are now faded and scarred, imbued by years of handling with unique personal histories—memories incarnate.
Only 4 inches tall, they have power beyond their size, and can loom large in the imagination of individuals and society as a whole.
I work exclusively outdoors, in ambient light, using  a variety of natural materials and vintage objects. Intuitive and improvised, all my images are created in-camera

Water animates my work as it animates all life. Whether liquid or frozen, in droplets or ponds, it serves as both metaphor and lens. Worn remnants of plastic and metal are transformed when fractured through panes of ice, reflected in liquid windows, or swathed in sodden paper or petals.
I do all my own printing, supervised by my ace assistant, Boris.
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