Dolls are the small, portable representations of human beings that have been produced through the ages and across the globe as a way to encapsulate and manipulate human life. Possessed, they have long served as powerful links between spirit and body, imagination and reality. From fertility relic to religious icon, from voodoo curse to child’s play troll, we use them to understand and shape our lives. And until very recently, few cultures distinguished between those created for rituals and those given for play.
Almost 30,000 years old, the Venus of Willendorf is among the first sculptures and the first dolls. Most people think the “Venus” is a statue, but at only 4 inches tall it is roughly the same size as the mother doll in my photographs.
Incredibly different yet equally palm-sized, these two objects have power beyond their size, and can loom large in the imagination of individuals and cultures.
Water animates my work as it animates all life. Whether liquid or frozen, in droplets or ponds, it serves as both metaphor and lens. Worn remnants of plastic and metal are transformed when fractured through panes of ice, reflected in liquid windows, or swathed in sodden paper or petals.
I work exclusively outdoors, in ambient light, using  a variety of natural materials and vintage objects. Intuitive and improvised, all my images are created in-camera, sometimes using a tripod, but mostly hand-held. I do all my own printing on a variety of papers.
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