Drawing on my experience as a painter, printmaker, and conceptual artist, I use photography to describe my world, not the day-to-day of it, but the sun-born visions and night-bound terrors that can’t be seen or understood until pictured. Memories and dreams, revelations and reflections, only come into focus when manifested in tangible images.
I work with a mass-produced family of four-inch dolls from the 1950s—the embodiment of an idealized middle-class culture, now relegated to tag sales and Ebay. Once models of conformity, years of handling have worn away their veneer of polite reserve and privilege, revealing emotional truths hidden just below the surface.
Working outdoors, following the seasons, water animates my work as it animates all life. Whether liquid or frozen, in droplets or ponds, it serves as both metaphor and lens. Worn remnants of plastic are transformed when fractured through panes of ice, reflected in liquid windows, or swathed in sodden paper or petals. Intuitive, improvised, my photographs are created entirely in-camera and in available light.
Beneath roiling currents and breaking waves, the undertow takes us down to where the truth lies.
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